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A natural digression

Time and again things come into our world that slows us down, limits or alters our beliefs and changes rhetoric. Let me digress for a moment; take this acquisition and find out why by exploring the variables a little bit more coherently shall we?

I hope you did not want to read this post for want of expecting some radical explanation or mediated explosion of ideas for in this post I make no promises. The title juxtasposes many binary opposites of exactly what it is sort to convey here on Natural Progresion, an as far down the path of mirroring the media message or continue with this obsurd conundrum I merely wish to explain a few personal observations I am observing. I do this simply because as time digresses this message will get very old, snippets of which will be reused, and will no doubt alter the symetric logarythmes online.

Cranking the mindbox we find recognition and words taken, extentuated in such a way all that’s left is confusion; so to digress a bit I shall explain and inject some content in what I actually mean and feel right now, today, 2010. But first lets explore the problem, all to common in this sphere of ideas.

Because ideas are by far the biggest cataclysm of today’s reading. Digression of ideas congruent with other peoples scripts. Good scripts create jobs, sway investments and at most slow down time.

IT’s only natural that over time the speed at which numerical language changes and the cryptographic code for enteurpretation is over time dissected, we have one chance to progress. Some naturally would contest this matter but they will not even get to argue for or against until the medium changes. Changes from text to film or put in some narrative that squeezes into someone elses plot or sought goal.

The obvious assumption we draw from this is something is not straightforward as it may seem. We never expected, for example the machine would write its own content, nor would we avoid the medium of the text. Please read this post and sypho for yourself the text. If you are a ghostwriter or copywriter for example you need to understand we know this and is obviously affecting peoples attention for print.

Nature and technology move into different spheres and the mind a fickle thing needs to understand the modes of address in which it needs to be addressed. These protocols have always been there but their overlooking a few things about how text is considered in its rawest form and which platform it is created can rapidly decrease its importance. With this in mind might I reccomend hitting a link, else closing a page or take a clipboard cut of this message, read it later and find out what sticks. I only say this because my thumbs hurt because I just typed this on my phone 🙂


Natural Progression of ideologies

Notre Damne

Ideas not neccesarily realities yet

Natural progression of ideology.

We see hear and join many ideas together, and this progresses as we go along in life. Shaping our own ideologies is important, similarly researching and considering other peoples ideologies is one way our natural progression throughout life can be peorsonally developed by our own management. With some clear organisational guildlines anyone can shape there ideologies better an avoid any pitfalls of misguided sugggestions later in life. Experience is a key theme in this catagory.

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